hearing aid process

Hearing Aid Process

Fitting Consultation & Care

Fitting a Hearing Aid

1. Testing & prescription consultation (up to 1.5 hours)

  • Understand your needs and goals

  • Assess hearing and explain results

  • Consider hearing loss, ear anatomy, budget, lifestyle

  • Objectively assess all hearing aids products

  • Prescribe 2 week take home trial

testing prescription consultation process

2. Fitting consultation (1 hour)

  • Fit hearing aids for physical comfort

  • Personalised programming of hearing aids

  • Verification and sound comfort reviewed

  • Acclimatisation and auditory capacity counselling

  • Basic care and maintenance instructions

  • 2 week take home trial starts (If you don’t like them hand them back at no charge)

hearing aid fitting consultation

3. Follow up consultation (45 minutes)

  • Review of comfort and performance

  • Fine tuning and further optimisation, if required

  • Acclimatisation and auditory capacity counselling

  • Ongoing care and maintenance instructions

  • Patient decides whether the purchase or hand back hearing aids

follow up hearing aid consultation

4. Ongoing care

  • Follow up at 2 weeks

  • Touch point at 3 months

  • Touch point at 6 months

  • Annual review every 12 months

  • Drop In, Call or Email for cleaning, batteries and other parts

ongoing care hearing aid
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Our family would not trust our hearing with anyone else. We have complete trust and confidence in the team at Acute Hearing – they are never too busy for us and not only are they friendly, but they are very knowledgeable. They are great with follow-up reminders for appointments and for checking in to find out how we are going with our hearing. We feel very fortunate to have Acute Hearing in our area, but we would be prepared to travel to them if needed. I have met other patients who do travel a long way to see James and the team at Acute Hearing. I’d like to let you know that you won’t regret it if you make an appointment with Acute Hearing.