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Hearing Aid Reviews

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Our journey with Acute Hearing started when, around four years ago and after 25 years or more of wearing hearing aids, my Mum’s hearing deteriorated significantly. We took Mum to two hearing clinics that weren’t able to help, and all along I felt as though they were just interested in selling me another hearing aid for Mum.

Eventually we found audiologist James Roxburgh, the owner of Acute Hearing as he had done a presentation about hearing loss at the aged care facility where Mum lives. My Husband had talked with members of the Acute Hearing team who were there and they sent him information on hearing services at this hearing loss company. So we thought we’d give James a try and we have been nothing but impressed with his personalised service and expertise. Our experience is that he is very accommodating and only cares about improving his patients’ hearing.

My husband Tom also saw James over two years ago at the clinic and James was able to confirm that he did have a hearing loss, but it wasn’t bad enough to warrant getting hearing aids fitted. We appreciated his honesty because we felt absolutely no pressure to buy anything. I’m now getting my hearing checked by James, and Tom has recently been fitted with hearing aids. He is really happy with the improvements to his hearing and the adjustments James has made. Our family would not trust our hearing with anyone else.

We have complete trust and confidence in the team at Acute Hearing – they are never too busy for us and not only are they friendly, but they are very knowledgeable. They are great with follow-up reminders for appointments and for checking in to find out how we are going with our hearing. We feel very fortunate to have Acute Hearing in our area, but we would be prepared to travel to them if needed. I have met other patients who do travel a long way to see James and the team at Acute Hearing. I’d like to let you know that you won’t regret it if you make an appointment with Acute Hearing.

- Mrs Jensen

If you don’t’ like wearing your hearing aids, you’re not alone. For me, hearing aids are as much about how well they’re programmed as they are about the hearing aid technology itself, I know from years of experience, with my hearing aids spending most of their time in the top drawer, that it is more important to choose your audiologist before settling on any hearing aid. That is why I travel with my Wife from Hornsby to Drummoyne to see my audiologist, James Roxburgh.

I’m Alan Doherty, a retired instrument maker. I’d previously had a poor experience with a hearing aid fitting, but my niece in Queensland who is an audiometrist put me in touch with James and the team at Acute Hearing. I told James I’d hardly worn my hearing aids, mainly because the background noise was just too loud, particularly banging pots in the kitchen at home, or on my usual Tuesday night out having dinner with my friends.

Around 18 months ago James adjusted the hearing aids I’d bought from another clinic. He said I could get another year or so out of them, and he didn’t try to sell me a new pair, in spite of them being 5 years old. Even with him adjusting them, they were a lot improved, which was great. So now James has fitted me with a new pair of hearing aids which I love. They’re the latest technology which allows me to feel as though I’m back in the thick of things, really enjoying life. I’ve had the first real conversation with my daughter in years.

My advice to anyone who really needs or wants to hear and join in on life is to make an appointment for a trial of James’s hearing aids. I had no hesitation in choosing Acute Hearing and James to buy new hearing aids because I knew there was no obligation to pay for them until I was happy and wanted to keep them.

Where others failed to help me in the past, these hearing aids really work and I am grateful to have found James and the team at Acute Hearing,”

- Alan Doherty

Thanks very much for all your assistance in steering me towards well fitted, comfortable and, yes pretty good sounding, hearing aids.

What is more remarkable is that I actually purchased them – particularly so in light of the challenge that I threw you right from the start when I did tell you that previously I had had a dismal experience elsewhere where I was being very quickly pushed to buy an expensive product that sounded like tinny transistors through drainpipes and they were ill-fitting and uncomfortable to boot. Apart from your incredible patience during our numerous appointments (I lost count!) and your persistence in correcting the issues that I regularly outlined from my painful listings of pros and cons of each model that you allowed me to trial, you never once pushed me to buy. In fact more than once you did insist that, unless I was completely happy and ready, you would prefer that I did not buy.

I was also very appreciative that you have a number of brands and models from which to choose and you are not pushing one brand only. This really did allow genuine choice and the most suitable model. I am sure that most people are like me insofar as firstly, finding it difficult to acknowledge that there is a hearing problem, since this is often associated with being a sign of age, and secondly not wanting to be known as or seen wearing a hearing aid, another perceived sign of age.

Not only am I finding I can again involve myself in situations that I had been avoiding, but I actually get a bit of a kick out of having to point out to people that I am wearing hearing aids – “You’re kidding me! Where? I can’t see them!” Strange isn’t it?

Thanks again and looking forward to the musician’s earplugs – just let me know when they’re ready.

- John Russell

I’d done a lot of research over time about hearing loss and hearing aids because I knew I had a hearing problem. My big concern was that I’d need to pay for expensive hearing aids without knowing if they’d work for me. That put me off getting help for longer than I should have waited, but then I saw an advertisement from Acute Hearing in the “Gardening Australia” magazine. The offer was a free trial of hearing aids, so I thought – why not give them a try and if they’re not for me, then at least I’ll know and it won’t have been a costly exercise.

From the moment I contacted Acute Hearing I felt comfortable. My audiologist, Raisse, put me at ease and made me realise that I had no reason to feel embarrassed about my hearing loss. She was very patient and took her time with me, answering all of my questions. The first time Raisse put the hearing aids in my ears, it was so exciting, reintroducing me to sounds that hadn’t existed for me for years. That was pretty revealing in that I knew just how much I’d been missing. I could hear squeaking trolley wheels in shopping centres and the blinkers operating in my car. It was such a great experience that for the first day I wore the hearing aids for 15 hours.

When I got home I opened a bottle of bubbly just to hear the pop!

Now, for the first time in years, I’m able to stay up late watching movies without needing to wear headphones. My driving confidence has lifted because I can hear what’s going on around me. The family doesn’t need to complain that the TV is too loud or pick on me for missing parts of conversations. And my friends no longer have to constantly repeat themselves.

There was instant benefit for me and I loved hearing all those background sounds. I know that others don’t always have that experience, so I hope they persevere as the benefits are worth it. I love wearing my hearing aids so much that I had to put a sign on my shower door to remind me to take them out because they feel so natural to me now.

The team at Acute Hearing has been great, they are always there for me and are in a wonderful location with easy access and parking. So if you have a hearing loss, take my advice and don’t hesitate. Just pick up the phone and contact the team today – you won’t regret it.

- Janice Brown

If you would like to be surprised at the small size of hearing aids available at present, to be impressed with the knowledge, expertise and patience of the audiologist and get a chance to experience the best “try before you buy” hearing aid arrangement, then you need to see the team at Acute Hearing.

I knew my hearing wasn’t great but had not done anything about it until I received a letter from Acute Hearing which prompted me to take action. My husband and I have now both been seen by Acute Hearing audiologist Emma Argaet and have been very pleased with the results. Emma is really thorough, she is so easy to get along with and really knows what she is doing which instils confidence in her services. At my appointment she understood my needs, budget and lifestyle and was able to get me hearing again without the need to be conscious that anyone would notice that I was wearing a hearing aid.

We usually try to arrive early for appointments and are always met with hospitality typical of the Acute team members, offering us a cuppa or a coffee. My husband is very deaf in one ear and Emma has been so patient over a couple of visits, helping to get it right for him.

My Dad has seen how pleased we are with Acute Hearing’s services, so he is also visiting Emma and the team at Acute Hearing, making this a family affair. If you want the latest technology and the best advice and service, look no further. I would not hesitate to recommend Emma and the team at Acute Hearing.

- Dianne East