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Siemens Signia Pure Primax

siemens signia pure primax hearing aid 5 star review

The Pure Primax is one of the most advanced hearing aids on the market today. It is known for its performance in the presence of background noise as the left and right hearing aids are wirelessly connected and work as a team. The Pure Primax also has a rechargeable battery option in the behind the ear model. The smaller Ace Primax is more cosmetically appealing but does not have as many features (see Ace Primax)

Primax uses the binax platform to provide a binaural experience for ease of listening, and also features new technology, like SpeechMaster, which is designed to enhance speech in every situation. SpeechMaster is a collection of algorithms that work in concert to achieve less listening effort. It is designed to analyse the acoustic environment and isolate the target speaker from unwanted surrounding noise and other speech. SpeechMaster acts as a conductor orchestrating digital noise reduction, directionality, and amplification.

The new primax line also has HD Music to maximize enjoyment for music lovers and musicians by taking advantage of the high-frequency-enhancing 12 kHz extended bandwidth found in the universal program. It has three dedicated music programs that are designed to enrich the sound quality of music, whether the wearer is listening to recorded music, attending a live concert, or performing music.

These hearing aids have EchoShield technology, which softens echoes for reduced listening effort. Available in the reverberant room program, EchoShield analyzes both direct and reflected sounds, and ensures softer reflections are not over-amplified. The effects of reverberation in atriums, hallways, lecture halls, and places of worship are said to be reduced. TwinPhone, which improves phone conversations, is another primax feature, which was designed for mobile phone users who prefer to hold their phones to their ear versus using a hands-free option. It is compatible with all phones, whether Bluetooth® enabled or not.

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